Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My Ides of March - Part I

This time of year is a bit of a strange one for me. More than any time of year I take this opportunity to look back on my life and reflect on it a little bit. I know that is normally reserved for Birthday's, New Year's, Labour Day and all sorts of other special events, but for me it is early March. Why you ask? Well that's because tomorrow, March 7, marks a very important anniversary to me. It was on this day, 13 years ago that I found out that my parents were splitting up.

Now before you go on or start to get emotional for me, this is not one of those "life has been so hard" rants. I do not doubt that they made this decision with my (and my sisters) best interests in mind and it was undoubtedly for the best. Mom, I know that you are reading this, so please there is no need to feel guilty out there. It is not like that.

What I do this time of year, is look back and think about just how different my life is as a result of that day. Every year it always amazes me.

When I think about it, if my parent's had not gotten divorced I never would have moved to Nova Scotia, I never would have went to Acadia, I never would have met Chris Organ and found out about Kodiak, I never would have realized that I wanted to be a teacher, I never would have went vegan, I never would have met Melanie and went to Scotland for a year, I never would have lived my life the way that I have since then. I mean just for a moment think about it, how many of you, my best of friends, have I met as a result of the events I mentioned in this paragraph? Startling isn't it.

That really doesn't take into account the growing up that I had to do as a result of this. I think that I am a much stronger person than I otherwise would have been. While I still may be a big kid right now, I imagine it would have been much more profound otherwise.

Anywho, I don't really have much else to add now, I really need to get going. I don't have the usual "I love my life and all of you" closing all figured out for this entry. You are all probably getting sick of that one. I know that they are unacademic, but I love looking at my own personal counter-factuals, and wondering what my life would have been otherwise. I will look at another, more recent one in a few weeks for Part II of My Ides of March.

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Margaret DeLong said...

Hey, was just catching up on your posts. My dad and I were talking about the Ides of March this weekend. This year I just have a thermodynamics test (50% failure rate) on the Ides. Last year my grandfather took a (fatal) heart attack on the ides; a few years before, my dad (luckily) sliced (just) a few fingers on the Ides on some machinery. Anyways, been thinking alot about the Ides this year, and spending alot of time with my grandmother, who's not really sure what a widow ought to do on those types of days.
Sorry, that's not very uplifting... but we've been thinking about the Ides on this end as well, kind of a coincidence.